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Argus Corrections Solutions’ Echo 2.0 raises the bar for safety and security capabilities of institutions
Learn how to reduce recidivism and jail expenditures despite limited funds and personnel
The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD tracks pretrial offenders with the Omnilink EM solution to deter repeat offenses and solve crimes faster
Acquisition builds on existing partnership, combining Fusus’ real-time situational awareness expertise with Axon’s innovative public safety technology for enhanced safety in any environment
The idea is to boost resources for violence prevention programs, which have been overwhelmed in some cities
The suspect asked LVMPD if they’d seen his Facebook postings; one of those messages referred to the 2017 Las Vegas slaughter as “just a preview.”
Officials outlined a plan to establish a mobile precinct, conduct more patrols and work with federal prosecutors to keep shooters behind bars
Police say the alleged suspect is a jilted lover who was looking for revenge on his ex-girlfriend, who broke up with him two months ago
It is important to build a partnership between law enforcement and the citizens that you protect to help ensure the safety of human life and the protection of assets