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Public Safety

“I’m talking to my budget team right now about how we can support the city because the city has to be safe. I’ll work with the mayor to make sure that’s accomplished,” Gov. Kathy Hochul said
Key findings from the Verizon Frontline Public Safety Communications survey
A letter states that legislation that decriminalized personal hard drug possession did not take the fentanyl crisis into account as a public health and safety issue
“Operation Trident” targeted violent offenders, who were on supervised release or probation, with outstanding warrants
“The only thing I saw was ... somebody needs to stop that truck — and I’m somebody,” said Officer Lukon
A bystander said she saw the officer sprint out of his cruiser, rip off his vest and dive into the water to rescue two people
Threats against Congress members have increased about 300% over the past seven years, Chief Manger told lawmakers at a hearing this year
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