Ohio Supreme Court to hear armed school staff training case

The district voted to allow armed school employees after two students were shot and wounded by a 14-year-old in 2016

By Associated Press

HAMILTON, Ohio — The Ohio Supreme Court will hear a school district's appeal of a ruling that they must provide police-level training to employees carrying concealed weapons.

Madison Local Schools voted to allow armed school employees after a 2016 shooting in which two students were shot and wounded by a 14-year-old boy. A group of parents sued the district in September 2018 to prevent teachers from being armed without extensive training.

A Butler County judge dismissed the lawsuit, saying that school staff did not need extensive training because they are not law enforcement officers. The district’s policy requires 24 hours of training for staff carrying concealed weapons.

The parents appealed to the 12th District Court of Appeals, which ruled in March that Ohio law requires anyone who carries firearms in schools to have undergone a minimum of 728 hours of law enforcement training.

The district asked the state Supreme Court in May to hear its appeal, and a court spokesperson said Friday that all seven justices had voted in favor of taking the case up for review.

Several other school districts and the Ohio Attorney General’s Office have filed briefs in support of Madison’s appeal.

The parents maintain the state appeals court made the correct decision.

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