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SWAT Training

Avoiding using confidence as a decision-making tool
Many PDs find themselves without available funds to conduct training necessary to better prepare them for when a crisis occurs; here’s a solution to that problem
Do you have a leader within your department that’s capable of turning your team into an elite unit? Try looking in the mirror
BRINC’s flagship drone model will give emergency personnel eyes and ears in dangerous places
“Everybody’s on the same set of tactics, same playing field and we’re not working off of each other trying to guess what each other’s doing,” one of the trainers said
Drones can provide invaluable intelligence and tactical assistance to SWAT teams before they enter structures
Consider these tips to update tactical team training and procedures for barricaded suspects and hostage rescue operations in your jurisdiction
They are meant for daily and critical decision-making and apply to officers, supervisors and managers in patrol and special operations
The current threat environment demands a closer relationship between these two specialties
Effective firearms training can have a round count barely reaching double digits, where every shot is an opportunity to learn and gain valuable information
The department’s social media pages highlighted Pearla Dominquez as the “first female to successfully complete the SWAT tryout process and be selected to the SWAT Unit.”
Products to improve situational awareness, make incident communications more efficient and mitigate risk were showcased to SWAT operators
This document establishes a core set of concepts and principles that improve standardization within the profession of tactical law enforcement services
An armored vehicle is like any police tool – personnel need to engage in realistic training to master the equipment before responding to a real call
The Advanced Response Patrol Officer Program provides patrol cops with enhanced training, gear and skills that will allow a more effective response to serious tactical situations
How do law enforcement supervisors shape and refine these necessary mental attributes for responding officers?
Here’s what to expect if you decide to take the path of a Special Weapons and Tactics operator
This Police1 Digital Edition focuses on how the past and present will shape the future of SWAT in the United States
DragonForce allows officers to create a common operating picture using commercial mobile devices
Part one of a four-part series
What makes a team great is not gadgets and equipment, but personnel and training