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Training Services

Compared to other compact pistols, the Staccato CS sets a standard for quality above and beyond the rest of the field
One agency is using virtual reality to tackle both
Benefits include better tracking, improved training, reduced risks and increased safety for officers and citizens alike
Monitor job performance, identify training needs, highlight otherwise unsung good work done by officers and much more
Audit software can help your agency speed up the review process, improve officer performance and reduce potential liability
LEO leadership and a close collaboration with police led to one of the most accurate duty guns on the market
A crisp trigger, reduced recoil and smooth action make range practice a pleasure with this firearm
When social service professionals are properly integrated into departments, they can provide community members with the much-needed services they’re seeking
A comprehensive program combines strategies used by law enforcement trainers, pro athletes, doctors and use of force experts
Advance your career and better serve your community by leveraging the right training and certification programs