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Mini-horse trained to provide emotional support becomes newest Fla. PD member

Magic is part of an equine therapy group called Gentle Carousel, which organizes visits for veterans and first responders experiencing traumatic events


Photo/YouTube via Ocala PD

By Madeleine Marr
Miami Herald

OCALA, Fla. — The Ocala Police Department has a new hire: She’s furry, cute and can be leaned on for support.

She’s Magic the miniature horse, the first of her kind to be sworn in as an honorary police officer for the City of Ocala, according to a release.

Magic is part of an equine therapy organization called Gentle Carousel that organizes visits for thousands of adults and children in hospitals and hospice programs. The nonprofit also sends horses to families, veterans and first responders who have experienced traumatic events.

Magic’s resume lists her many accomplishments, including support for survivors after the Pulse nightclub shooting in 2016.

Age? Never ask a lady her age. Actually, she’s 14, the Ocala PD told the Miami Herald. That’s considered middle age for this breed. Minis can live up to 35-40 years old, about one-third longer than their larger counterparts.

“Magic brings her special love where it is needed most,” says Gentle Carousel of the beloved and much-lauded “superhero,” who is jet black with blue eyes.

Among her myriad tasks, Magic will work on some of Ocala’s many outreach programs, including the popular Polar Patrol, when cops engage with the community by handing out free ice cream.

“Magic will help spread goodwill and build relationships,” Ocala Police Chief Mike Balken said. “With her friendly personality and adorable appearance, Magic is sure to be a hit with everyone she meets.”

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