Skinny dipper distracts former cop as home is robbed

The naked woman distracted him for 20 minutes while her husband stole his service weapon and jewelry


CROSSVILLE, Tenn. — A woman distracted a man by skinny dipping in his pool while her husband burglarized the man's home.

 The 54-year-old victim told police he was approached by the couple, who live nearby, and the 30-something-year-old woman asked if she could swim in his pool. She then asked the victim if it would bother him if she swam naked.  He said it would not.

While the woman's husband was gone, he burglarized the home, stealing a handgun, jewelry and medication.  The stolen items amounted to $1,195. [The victim] said he wants the stolen items back.  He said the handgun was the service weapon he used while he was a Mississippi deputy and he planned to pass it on to his grandchildren. The two suspects have been identified, but have not been arrested.

Full Story: Naked wife distracts victim while husband burglarizes home

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