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Officers need to be trained to that level of response – and SWAT officers are the ideal training resource
The time has come for all law enforcement agencies to greatly expand their breaching tools and related training programs
This entry tool will help breachers avoid ‘dancing at the door’
Tulsa deputies have two of the new tools with more to come
“We can breach that classroom or that door as quickly as possible to get in and stop or neutralize a threat,” sheriff said
The department will create policies and procedures to ensure the equipment is only used during an active shooter event or emergency situation
Chief Pedro Lopez said his 200 officers need ballistic shields, rifles and ammunition in order to stop a school shooter
Deputies responding to a possible burglary breached the front door to make sure a woman – who was hiding in her closet – was safe
A joint police-fire response is necessary to breach the obstacles that prevent responders from rescuing victims quickly
Correctional breachers know hardened prison structures require mechanical tools that are not often used in the residential breaching world