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Command Center

For law enforcement, public/private partnerships add to coverage and efficiency
A mobile command center is one of the most significant equipment purchases a public safety agency can make
An EOC is essential to providing situational awareness to officers responding to a major incident. Here’s how video systems take it a step further.
The new facility will house a gym for strength and cardio for officers, a cooled evidence hold for materials collected by officers, offices for police supervisors, and briefing and interview rooms
The company is building a safety and security ecosystem to connect public safety agencies and enterprises to help protect people, property and places
Partnership with Ten-8 Fire and Safety and Frontline Communications will enhance St. Petersburg’s law enforcement capabilities with a high-tech mobile command vehicle for diverse operations
“We’re not extracting anything from the earth. We’re not taking out any water. We’re not putting in any water. We’re simply leveraging energy with a thermal transfer”
All public safety agencies will be located in one location for better communication; HPD’s police chief will have the authority to reject security plans
Purchasing a mobile command vehicle for a law enforcement agency requires combining up-front decisions and long-term planning