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The T-Mobile 5G network enables the deployment of advanced technology for first responders
Advancement enabling innovation
The bill would provide for information sharing and dissemination, emulating the New Jersey State Police real-time crime center; there, agecies are tied into a real-time computer chat to report car thefts and information
Veritone’s AI-powered redaction software enables a primary state law enforcement agency to streamline processes and address ever-increasing FOIA requests
The study by First HELP and CNA Corporation identified more deaths by suicide between 2016 and 2022 than an FBI database; it emphasized the need for more accurate federal reporting
The class action suit alleges LexisNexis faked identity thefts, froze credit files and damaged credit reports
The officers say personal information about where they live and family information fell into the hands of criminals who used data brokers to access the information
“Well over 5,000 cops were attacked and injured last year – that’s not only a record, it’s a full-blown epidemic,” Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry stated
New Mexico tops the list of U.S. states in terms of 911 call frequency, with 1,169 calls per 1,000 residents
The new law requires officers to record the apparent race, gender and age of every person officers question, even if they are not suspected of committing a crime
The NYPD and some legal experts say that the number of complaints pale in comparison “to the millions of interactions officers have with the public on an annual basis”
The drop in killings follows the launch of an anti-gun crime unit in 2022
“People should get used to hearing good news about BPD, and not just bad news,” an oversight director stated
An in-depth look at how FTK 8 can help your investigations
According to Chief Dana Wingert, the program is meant to complement data on traffic stops resulting in arrests or citations
Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer that can cause human tissue to rot and lead to amputations
Columbus realigned patrol zones for better policing and response times in affected neighborhoods, with resources deployed more efficiently
Auto theft numbers have increased so much an NYPD precinct in the Bronx is giving out 500 donated AirTags
Law enforcement efforts will focus on the most dangerous offenders, crime data and high-crime neighborhoods
A city council analysis reported that a growing number of 911 calls are marked “gone on arrival”
Birmingham chief credits progress to efforts targeting gang violence and strengthened cooperation with county sheriff
Applications and hiring data are now available to the public through a partnership of over 500 business and community leaders
Interim Police Chief Michael Sullivan said there is an increasing level of violence within the community
Using a centralized incident management and response platform, law enforcement and mental health organizations can locate resources for individuals in crisis
Stress-reduction techniques are critical to law enforcement officers interpreting and applying data from real-time policing sensors and sources
This webinar discusses the ever-changing cyber landscape and spotlight modern advancements in live communications collection.
The Haltom City, Texas, Police Department was looking for a solution that allowed instant, secure collaboration compliant with relevant laws