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Elliot Rodger

Legislators continue to focus on guns, but we also cannot allow the dangerously mentally ill to have access to the myriad other killing tools readily at their disposal in the kitchen drawer, tool shed, or sporting goods store
Parents of 3 victims suing county, sheriff’s department and killer’s landlord, contending they ignored warning signs that gunman was violent and unstable
A young man went online to find ways to kill silently with a knife just before stabbing his first three victims — one of them 94 times
California will become the first state that allows family members to ask a judge to remove firearms from a relative who appears to pose a threat
Family members and police could ask courts to take away a mentally disturbed person’s guns under the bill
Father of the young man who killed six and injured 13 near UCSB last month says it’s his “duty” to help prevent future mass killings
The father of a college student who was gunned down in the May 23 mass killings near the University of California, Santa Barbara said he met privately with the father of his son’s killer on Sunday
They didn’t know about his final video detailing his “Day of Retribution” until after the deadly rampage, officials said
Shootings has tragically exposed the limitations of involuntary-commitment laws that allow authorities to temporarily confine people
Richard Martinez, whose son, Christopher Michaels-Martinez, 20, died in the attacks, urged students to fight for tougher gun laws
Those recordings in which he threatened to murder were what prompted his parents to call authorities
In YouTube videos and a long written manifesto, Elliot Rodger aired his contempt for everyone from his roommates to the whole human race
Gunman got into two gun battles with deputies during Friday night’s rampage in the beachside community of Isla Vista before crashing his black BMW