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License Plate

The Flock Safety technology can differentiate a gunshot from a firework and turns on video surveillance automatically when a gunshot is detected
Philadelphia police officials acknowledge the department lacks automated plate readers and other technology to trace cars with faked tags
Jenoptik’s TraffiData analysis software evaluates license plate data in real time so law enforcement agencies are always up to date, enabling quick crime detection and prevention
The technology detects, analyzes and securely stores vehicle identification data
A camera system that scans license plates has helped officers track down suspects and solve crimes in recent months
LE groups have criticized the proposal as bad for public safety, noting that dangerous drivers are often identified by those front plates
Find out what modern license plate reader technology can do for your agency and the citizens you serve
These studies show that deploying speed enforcement cameras in school zones are effective and efficient ways to slow down speeders and keep kids safer
The L6Q camera can scan vehicles moving up to 75 mph in complete darkness, the company says
Processing speed and the quality and functionality of infrared and color cameras can make the difference between a suspect caught and one who slips by
Axon’s AI-powered ALPR delivers up to 8x or more the plate reads for the same price as traditional systems, according to the company
Alderman David Moore says the digital platform can send alerts about stolen vehicles to the police and public
The court limited the scope of the federal law against computer hacking, ruling it does not include people who misuse information they were authorized to see
“Pro Tip: Don’t forget to draw the registration sticker,” the agency joked
Stark County Sheriff George Maier said the move robs police of a crime-fighting tool long used to find stolen cars, wanted suspects and vehicles used in crimes
Integrate ALPR into your agency’s in-vehicle camera system to leverage existing technology and expand the range of real-time data available
If you can’t name and recognize your city council members and community religious leaders, you may have a problem lying in wait