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Cryptocurrency is the favored way for criminals to pay for illegal weapons and drugs. Do you know how to follow this new money trail?
Police salaries change based on location and cost of living
The proposal would have raised officer wages by 5.2% and added other financial incentives for hiring and retention
Cadets will receive a pay bump from $16 to $24 an hour; the city will also offer incentives to cadets who either graduated from college or served in the military
Agents also seized $661,900 in cash, 25 tangible Bitcoin coins worth 174 Bitcoin, gold- and silver-colored bars and a gold-colored coin
The man used detergent and degreaser to bleach genuine $1 bills on which counterfeit $100 notes were printed
The state allocated approximately $208 million to distribute one-time relief payments of up to $1,000 to over 193,000 first responders
Police say a man used inside knowledge to snatch bags full of cash from an armored truck outside an Atlantic City casino
The city is fining the federal government $500 every 15 minutes, the maximum charge allowed, until it removes an unpermitted fence
The bill, which creates a presumption that COVID-19 was contracted in the line of duty, is headed to the president’s desk