Street Survival: How the non-approach vehicle stop can keep you out of harm’s way

When you hit the lights and pull over what can only be described as a heavily fortified defensive position on wheels, don’t just approach blind

This article is part of a series by Lt. Dan Marcou. Click here to access all of Dan's street survival lessons.

In recognition of the release of “Street Survival II: Tactics for Deadly Encounters,” I am writing a series of articles on street survival designed to turn the tables on the current generation of cop-killing criminals. In this series I will share the tactics I acquired during a career dedicated not only to ensuring my own personal survival but assisting other officers in their quest to survive as well.

There is a traffic stop tactic that lies squarely between the one officers use daily for the “unknown-risk vehicle stop and approach” and the one officers use for a “high-risk vehicle contact/stop.” That in-between tactic is the “vehicle contact/stop non-approach.” Let’s discuss the differences.

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