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Bridging the communication gap in online crime reporting
From enabling applicants to sign up on the spot to prioritizing officer wellness, Oregon’s largest police agency has reinvigorated its recruitment strategy
A snow patrol deputy conducts a roadside assist among Oregon’s Blue Mountains
Potential uses of the findings include wildfire fighting
Officers spotted a wooden trunk covered in blankets while searching an apartment, so they opened it and found the man crouching inside
Because officers saw the vehicle approaching and moved the suspect away, no one was injured in the crash
The $100,000 grant is expected to allow Portland police to more than double the number of enforcement missions they undertake
Measure 110, which was passed by voters in 2020, decriminalized possession of illicit substances if the amounts were small enough to be for personal use
The revised policy now permits police, weighing public safety and traffic conditions, to pursue suspects fleeing in vehicles during stings, unlike the previous restrictions
Of those surveyed, 74% worry they will become crime victims, 90% are dissatisfied with the state of public safety and 71% said the city needs more officers
The Portland Police Department was one of the last major U.S. police agencies without the technology, which will be implemented next summer