Video: Police impersonators carjack victims at gunpoint

A home security camera captured the brazen encounter

By Suzie Ziegler 

BURBANK, Calif. — An incident caught by a neighbor’s security camera demonstrates the ongoing danger of police impersonators. 

According to KTLA, the video shows two suspects carjacking two victims at gunpoint. Police said they were called to a neighborhood early Saturday and arrived to find two people in handcuffs. The victims told police they had been sitting in their car when they were approached by the suspects, one of whom had a gun. The suspects had been wearing shirts with “POLICE” written on the front, according to the report. 

Security video shows a car that is not a police cruiser – but had a light bar on top – pull up to a parked car. Two suspects appear and order the victims to get out of their car. 

“Put your hands up,” one of the suspects said. 

As of Tuesday morning, no suspects are in custody. Police said the victims were not hurt in the incident. 

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