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Video: Drunk suspect shoots cop after struggle, steals squad car

Officer Herbert Davis tried to take cover and returned fire during the Jan. 27 incident, new video shows

officer herbert davis shot

Milwaukee Police Department

By Suzie Ziegler

MILWAUKEE — Disturbing video released Friday by the Milwaukee Police Department shows the frantic struggle and shootout between a drunk suspect and a police officer.

The violent incident began on Jan. 27 with a welfare check, reported the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Officer Herbert Davis, 26, responded and found Jetrin Rodthong, 22, slumped over in a parked vehicle. In the video, Davis speaks with Rodthong, who admits to having been drinking. Davis then asks Rodthong to step out of the vehicle.

Rodthong starts to run and Davis tries to stop him by grabbing his arm, police told TMJ4 News. That’s when Rodthong pulls out a gun and shoots Davis. The officer stumbles back, trying to take cover behind the suspect’s car, and returns fire. At that point, Rodthong steals the officer’s squad car. Dashcam video shows Rodthong running red lights while Davis is heard on the radio calling for help. The suspect ultimately crashes into an innocent driver and is taken into custody.

Rodthong was charged with eight felonies related to the incident, according to the report. Davis was shot twice and discharged from the hospital a day later.

Police1 reported on Davis last month after the officer was surprised with an all-expenses-paid Super Bowl trip as he recovered from his wounds. The Cincinnati fan drew attention for the Bengals attire he wore when he was released from the hospital.