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Poem: Heroes Without a Cape

A police spouse asks the public to never forget the heroic acts officers perform every day


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“Never forget what they do, our officers in blue.”

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Calling all police poets! Police1’s poetry column highlights some of the inspirational, moving and funny poems authored by our readers.

This poem is by Kristin Venesman, whose husband recently retired as a sergeant after starting his law enforcement career in 1999.

“I wrote this poem in 2011, very early one morning as I was awaiting my husband’s arrival home after a shift,” said Kristin. “I was thinking about all of the things my husband did at his job – and the lack of respect. It has worsened since I wrote this poem. I don’t think most people truly know what our officers and their families go through. Our oldest son always wanted to follow in his dad’s footsteps and now he is a county deputy.”

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Heroes without a cape

Never forget what they do, our officers in blue.
Yes, they may write a ticket or two!
But they spend most of their days
Protecting and serving in other ways.

Finding a small lost child,
Breaking up a teen party gone wild,
Apprehending an intruder breaking in,
Halting discord between kin.

Taking a drunk driver off the street,
Always looking for trouble on their beat.
Going places no one else would go!
This is a reminder, just so you know.

One day testifying in court against an abuser,
The next day being spat on and called a “loser.”
One day putting a rapist in jail,
The next day getting a nasty email.

Notifying families of a tragic death,
Apprehending a murderer high on meth.
Stopping an attempted rape,
They are heroes without a cape.

Breathing life into the victim of a crash,
Finding and returning your stolen cash.
Speaking at your child’s school
And reinforcing the “Golden Rule.”
(At least the kids still think they’re cool!)

Staying on late to make that arrest,
Keeping the peace at a protest.
Buried under a mountain of paperwork,
Trying to concentrate after being called a “jerk.”

Fending off an attack
Listening to people talking smack
In this job, there’s no “pat on the back.”

Rescuing your baby
When you locked your keys in the car.
Staying calm when a knife’s pulled
At the local bar.

Endless hours directing traffic,
Trying to keep order when there’s havoc.
Always on the guard for their life
Yet trying to be “friendly,” a constant strife.

Responding to an alarm,
Not knowing what they’ll find
It could be a madman
Who has lost his mind!

People just don’t understand
The type of people officers meet
While they’re safe in bed, fast asleep!

They chase down a suspect
And follow procedure to a “T”
Only to later be charged with “police brutality.”

Media spreads lies all over the news,
Saying “Those officers just have a short fuse!”
Often portrayed as “idiots” at the picture show
Yes, it’s just another blow.

Firefighters, now those we admire.
After all, they put out the fire.
Every traffic stop a potentially deadly game,
Some people are out to kill and maim!

Parents mad that their kid are in trouble.
Officer says “Hate to burst your bubble!
But your kid’s the criminal, not me!
Why don’t you take some responsibility?”

When you see the flashing light
Please pull over and do what’s right!
They’re not trying to have a “bad attitude”
(Nor trying to be “rude”)

They know you didn’t want to be caught,
They just never know who will take a shot.
For a cop
There’s no such thing as a “routine stop.”

People say, “Don’t you have something better to do?
Why don’t you go get a donut or two?
All officers do is drive around!
Can’t they find someone else to hound?”

So have respect for our officers in blue
You have no idea what they go through!
Odd hours, little pay
The horrors they see tucked away.

They wear the badge and carry a gun
Just wanting to help everyone.
But often disrespected and cursed,
Officers routinely deal with society’s worst.

Next time you see an officer on patrol,
Remember they serve a very important role.
And that this calling takes its toll.

They’re out there to protect and serve.
Yet some people have the nerve:
(After being given a ticket they deserve!):
“Pigs!” they say, “Why don’t you just go away?”
News flash: They just might save your life one day!

Getting up at 5 a.m.
Working all day
Then called back AGAIN!
During dinner nonetheless
Just another cause of stress.

Police work is hard on their lives
They often have children and wives
Waiting for Daddy to come home
Often feeling so alone.

After working a long night shift,
Creating another rift.
Sleeping all day
And missing their child’s big play.

Most officers have to work very hard
Not to fall victim
To divorce, alcohol, depression and suicide
All pressures of the system.

And as their families watch them drive away,
They stop and bow their heads to pray.
“Please let Daddy come home safe today.”

They’re at their post nights, weekends and holidays
Missing out on life in many ways.
There are many sacrifices our officers go through.
Yet they’d give their lives for your family and you.

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