Introducing the Mayhem S.W.A.T. Police Glove

Tiona, PA - The Mayhem S.W.A.T. Police Glove defends against the many dangerous task on tactical operations. The articulated PVC knuckle protection and leather palm with rubber grip padding are designed to shield the hands. The middle finger and thumb have touch screen capabilities, the thumb also features a built-in drip cloth. The smooth and snug index finger allows for easy entry into the trigger area and a smaller gauntlet make the bent hand position much for comfortable.  All of our gloves come standard with a built in pouch for hot hands to combat chilly nights. The Mayhem S.W.A.T. Police Glove is perfect for the law enforcer on high-risk operations.

About Mayhem/Intersport Group, Inc
Intersport Group, Inc is operated by a team of individuals with more than 27 years experience developing safety apparel for motorcycle riders.  We have taken that experience and applied it our new line of police apparel.  We are responsive, flexible and attentive to your specific department needs.  Please be sure to inquire about custom development options as well our officer and department discounted pricing.

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