Los Angeles Port Police to Deploy Reality Mobile’s Breakthrough Mobile Video and Data-Sharing Technology

Vital U.S. port to improve surveillance and threat response with real-time, highly mobile video platform

Herndon, Va.--(Business Wire)-- Reality Mobile today announced that it has been awarded a subcontract by Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) to support the Los Angeles Port Police by implementing RealityVision®, Reality Mobile’s enterprise-class real-time mobile collaboration platform. RealityVision was selected as part of a broader effort to help improve the safety and security of the Port because its instant video and data sharing capabilities enable the Port to extend the surveillance and response capacity of its police force. The platform allows live video from virtually any source to be sent instantly to any user on the network, and also feeds video and critical data from the officers on the frontlines to a central command console, delivering what Port Police call, ‘the next-level of domain awareness.’

The RealityVision platform will integrate securely with the Port’s existing security infrastructure, including video and access control technologies, to incorporate feeds from more than 350 fixed cameras in the Port complex. The platform will be a key component of the new Port Police Operations Center, where the Port Police are implementing an Integrated Command and Control System that will serve as an important emergency operations hub for monitoring daily Port security.

“The Port Police are responsible for protecting 46 miles of waterfront and 14 square miles of heavy industrial complex – it’s a daunting task,” said Julia Kirwan, Manager of Port Police Technologies. “Our current Threat Detection Center monitors video feeds but, for example, if an officer monitoring video saw someone jump a fence at the Cruise Terminal there was no way to share that video with our field officers in a timely manner, nor could officers on the front line share visuals with commanders back at the center. RealityVision allows us to do all of that and more, creating an instant shared awareness among the Port Police force that is invaluable in our ability to quickly assess and respond to critical situations.”

Among other benefits, RealityVision’s GPS tagging capabilities allow Port Police to identify precisely where videos are taken and track the location of Port Police vehicles and vessels, in order to better deploy resources to an incident scene.

“RealityVision was created to enable a rapid, accurate response to developing situations, particularly when every second counts,” said Patrick McVeigh, chairman, Reality Mobile. “Our platform acts as a force multiplier by allowing field officers to instantly collaborate with colleagues and commanders regardless of location, greatly increasing the effectiveness of the Port Police without adding additional personnel. We are very pleased to team with SAIC to support the Port Police on this critical safety initiative.”

Built on industry-standard infrastructure and operable on any wireless network including cellular and satellite, Reality Mobile’s software allows enterprise users to collectively visualize high-value assets and data with colleagues anywhere in the world. With the RealityVision platform, users can securely transmit live video from virtually any camera source, including cell phones and high-definition cameras, and share it immediately with any and all system users.

By providing applications that enhance an organization’s situational awareness through the sharing of critical data and GPS tracking, Reality Mobile has developed the missing link between people, processes, technologies and geographies. A true extension of the enterprise to mobile users, Reality Mobile enables key information and visuals to be securely shared with the people who need to see it most.

About Reality Mobile
Founded in 2003, Reality Mobile is expanding the frontiers of mobile technology by giving users access to video, data and expertise throughout their organization and the world at the push of a button. With the RealityVision® software platform users access real-time, forensic grade video to be virtually on-the-ground with their colleagues to proactively address problems and improve employee safety and security, incident response, loss prevention and other critical functions. With the RealityVision® Screencast™ feature, users can stream any portion of a computer screen to any user on the network, sharing video, dynamic data visualizations and critical information in an instant.

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