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Provo, Utah - read what LEO Kathleen had to say about her Designer Concealed Carry bag:

As a women in law enforcement I have found that tactical gear is often the wrong size or unavailable.  There is a difference between the needs of a concealed carry handbag for a law enforcement officer compared to that of a private citizen. 

I believe that these differences have been captured in the “Designer Concealed Carry” handbag line.  As an officer the handbags safely contain the gear I need to carry while on duty.  There is a place for my handcuffs, ASP, pepper spray, phone, and my Glock is secured nicely and can be “locked” into the holster compartment. 

I am required to qualify on the range if I choose to carry a handbag.  I have qualified without fail with each and every handbag I have from “Designer Concealed Carry.”  Tactical reloading, speed reloading and re-holstering are easily completed with this handbag line.

As a private citizen I enjoy the beauty and quality of the handbags while knowing my firearm is both close at hand and secure.  I highly recommend the “Designer Concealed Carry” product line.   


About Designer Concealed Carry 
Designer Concealed Carry bags offer safety and security features along with style and sensibility. All of our bags featured dual locking zippers for right or left handed access to an exterior holster pocket. For more information visit Designer Concealed Carry online.

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