Keep your firearms clean and serviceable

A colleague of mine told me of a story about an officer he knew. This officer had not cleaned his weapon in several months and when he finally went to tear it down the magazine was rusted into the magazine well.

Don’t be ‘that guy.’

As a firearms instructor, I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping your firearm clean and ready for use at any moment. As a rule, I field strip my firearm about once a month to check for rust and do a functions check. Also, if I have been out in wet weather, I will make it a point to field strip my firearm and wipe it down and re-oil it as soon as practical after the fact.

The same practice should be in place for you patrol rifles and shotguns as well. I live in a climate that has constant temperature changes. My rifle and shotgun stay in the vehicle and go through these changes all the time, which can cause condensation to build up. So, every month or so, remember to wipe those weapon systems down.

Stay Safe!

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