Police and US Military Using Airsoft Guns for Training Missions

Government agencies around the country are embracing airsoft guns for law enforcement, police, and military training objectives. Due to limited fiscal budgets, airsoft offers a unique opportunity for agencies looking to maximize their dollar on gun training. Airsoft Atlanta, Inc is a Georgia airsoft tactical gear dealer that specializes in airsoft guns for military and police training.

For the past 12 years, Airsoft Atlanta has been an industry leader in supplying airsoft guns and tactical gear to LE agencies and various US military branches around the country. Spending budgets have become lower, yet concerns for safety have not diminished. Departments have been forced to reconsider continuing to use their traditional and expensive training equipment. Airsoft guns are significantly less expensive than real guns, simunitions, paintball markers and other types of weaponry. The ammunition used in airsoft guns of all of these systems. For many agencies, it makes sense to at least consider airsoft guns for their training scenarios in the field. Airsoft allows for training in locations that none of the preceding could consider using (e.g., schools).

Most airsoft gas pistols will also fit into standard police issue holsters, while larger M4 training rifles will take all standard slings and other accessories. Licensed gun models from Beretta, Sig Sauer, Colt, Magpul and many others offer a variety of choices to choose from. Manufacturers of airsoft guns, such as KWA, Echo 1, JG, G&G and Cybergun supply quality equipment for today's tough field landscape.

The 6mm plastic or biodegradable ammo that airsoft guns use, inherently offers exclusive benefits, not only for their very inexpensive costs, but for their non destructible nature (when compared with the other systems). Paintball guns or other marker systems can damage a lot of surfaces such as drywall, vehicles and other valuable property. Airsoft ammunition on the other hand, can dimple drywall, but does not damage other harder surfaces (e.g., tile, windows) because of its lower velocity and density. Officers can use airsoft guns inside offices, schools, airplanes, boats and other training environments that used to be strictly off limits.

Airsoft is much safer for training missions, only requiring basic eye and face protection. Unlike other live fire training systems, officers do not require heavy amounts of body or head protection that restrict movement. They can use safety equipment that is more near to what they would normally wear in the field--not the Darth Vader type of helmet. Hits from airsoft guns normally will not break the skin or cause fatalities. They will sting and thus encourage officers to use proper techniques. Basic clothing and goggles for eye protection are the minimal measures required for use. Authorized firearms instructors will be able to specify the level of protective safety gear needed for their program.

Airsoft Atlanta is a highly experienced company that offers airsoft guns and ammunition to government agencies both large and small. Their website offers a selection of guns and expertise that is perfect for any budget. Attention and care are given to all inquiries and recommendations based on past experiences for airsoft usage. Airsoft Atlanta is the leader in airsoft training, giving departments and trainers the edge they are looking for in the field.


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