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Survey: OIS with the use of pistol RDS

Researchers aim to collect important data related to the use of RDS on pistols

By Police1 Staff

The use of red dot sights (RDS) on duty pistols in law enforcement has been a growing trend in law enforcement over the past for several years.

To gauge the effectiveness of pistol-mounted optics, the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (NLEFIA) launched an active national survey to collect information related to any officer-involved shooting (OIS) involving the use of pistol RDS.

The survey has been active since 2019, but only has about 20+ submission to date. This may be due to agencies not being aware of the survey, or agencies not willing to submit the information until all legal inquiries are resolved.

NLEFIA would like to have over 100+ submissions before they close out the survey at the end of this year with the final results.

Please help spread the word to all firearms instructors of all agencies that the survey exists and welcomes new submissions. The OIS could have happened anytime in the past 5 years. The survey link can be found here.