Survey: OIS with the use of pistol RDS

Researchers aim to collect important data related to the use of RDS on pistols

The use of red dot sights (RDS) on duty pistols in law enforcement has become increasingly prevalent across the country over the last three years. There are some academies across the country that are already allowing recruits to use RDS on their duty pistols.

While the use of RDS on pistols has the same benefits as the use of RDS on patrol rifles, the training methodology and transition to this new pistol technology is NOT the same. This is why the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association (NLEFIA) has already conducted its 2-day RDS for Duty Pistols instructor development course more than 30 times in the past three years.

In March 2019, NLEFIA also launched an active national survey to collect information related to any officer-involved shooting (OIS) involving the use of pistol RDS. To date, NLEFIA has had 15 incidents reported nationwide. But there have been several OIS that have not been reported to the survey. This is likely because the agencies or officers are not aware of the survey. 

NLEFIA is asking firearms instructors, officers and academy/agency trainers to spread the word about the survey so they can continue to collect important data related to the use of RDS on pistols. A summary of the survey is available upon request to NLEFIA.

The online survey can be found at the NLEFIA home page:

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