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7 times dash cam videos caught LEOs in heroic acts

Check out these miraculous - and candid - dash cam videos of LEOs selflessly performing heroic acts.



By Police1 Staff

Every day police officers execute selfless acts of bravery that aren’t celebrated enough. Take the time to watch these seven instances of LEO heroism that were candidly caught by dash cam footage and show appreciation for your brothers and sisters.

1. Texas officer pursues suspects after they shot her

Dash cam footage shows Officer Carrizales of Stafford Police Department continuing to pursue - and eventually catch - a vehicle in which the passenger shot Carrizales in the face and chest after a routine traffic stop. Of her heroic efforts, Carrizales said, “They’re bad guys, they were not going to leave my city and do that to somebody else.”

2. LEO risks life vacating residents - and pets - from an apartment complex fire

In this dash cam footage, you can see Lance Corporal Keith Massey, a Horry County police officer, going door-to-door rescuing residents from an apartment fire. Massey risks his life to save an elderly man from the flames as the fire closed in.

3. Texas officer resuscitates a small boy

Dash cam footage shows Granbury, Texas Officer Chase Miller responding to a call from a concerned family at a KFC about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth. The family reported their son was not breathing. Miller was the first to arrive and immediately springs into action, giving the child CPR. As a result of his quick action, Miller was able to save the 3-year-old boy’s life.

4. Naperville PD Sergeant rescues a toddler from a busy road

The dash cam footage from Sergeant Anthony Mannino of Naperville (Ill.) Police Department caught a shocking sight when a small child was running in the lane of a busy highway. The footage shows Mannino immediately pulling over and shouting for the boy’s attention as he chases after him. The footage also shows a large truck passing by the boy coming within feet of the small child. Mannino saved the boy and safely returned him to his home.

5. Law enforcement saves teens from a burning car

Two teens, later charged for reckless driving, lost control of their vehicle and crashed into a light pole. The vehicle rolled and eventually caught fire. Police dash cam footage shows the driver and passenger getting rescued by two officers from the Milwaukee Police Department in less than 60 seconds.

6. Michigan cop catches child dropped from an apartment balcony

Footage from this PD dash cam shows a small child getting dropped from a balcony into the hands of a police officer to escape an apartment fire.

7. CHP assists during Napa fire evacuations

Emotional aerial dash cam footage shows the dangerous and heroic efforts from California Highway Patrol who assisted in evacuating dozens of people trapped within fire lines in Napa County during last year’s fire.

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