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Watch: DC mayor announces plan to hire 347 police officers in 2023

The mayor outlined a variety of public safety initiatives, including one where the city reaches 4,000 sworn officers

By Sarah Calams

WASHINGTON — D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser outlined a variety of public safety initiatives Monday, including one where the city reaches 4,000 sworn Metropolitan Police Departments officers. She plans on doing this by hiring 347 officers in 2023, reported, including 258 new recruits, 42 residents graduating from the cadet program, as well as bringing back 47 retired law enforcement officers.

“The mayor’s budget is based on the maximum amount of officers that the chief has determined can be appropriately on-boarded in one year,” a press release for the mayor’s office said.

“This budget does what D.C. residents all over our city are asking me to do – get our Metropolitan Police Department fully staffed and resourced with the officers they need to keep our community safe,” Mayor Bowser said. “This investment in MPD is going to help us build a safer, stronger D.C.”

The mayor said 4,000 sworn officers will improve response times, increase presence in neighborhoods, and make and close cases.

The budget will also support additional incentives, including hiring bonuses for new recruits, temporary housing stipends for new recruits living outside of the district and tuition reimbursement grants.

“Mayor Bowser’s budget makes critical investments to ensure the Metropolitan Police Department can return to a stable staffing position that supports the police work that our residents and communities want,” Chief Robert Contee III said.

Watch footage from the mayor’s announcement below.