Video: SWAT teams land in Mass. for terror training

The teams participated in a large-scale exercise that was held in vacant housing units at a former naval air station

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — Explosions. Smoke. Gunfire coming from multiple locations. Good guys, bad guys, and people caught in the middle.

Throw in a couple of plot twists, some planned and others not, and you get an outline of how the events unfolded during a training exercise for regional police tactical teams Thursday morning.

More than 130 police officers from around eastern Massachusetts along with 10 instructors from Los Angeles Police Department SWAT (special weapons and tactics) team participated in the large-scale exercise, which was held in vacant housing units at the former South Weymouth Naval Air Station.

The officers came from six regional law enforcement councils as well as from the Boston Police.

Read more on Enterprise News and watch the SWAT teams in action below.

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