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Public Record Data Delivery

With the right reporting tool, agencies can easily leverage bulk submission features and drastically reduce reporting time
CARFAX for Police’s 29 billion vehicle records power a suite of investigative tools that support rapid case resolution
Organizations and citizens have a “shared responsibility” to defend their data, computer hardware and software systems from ransomware attacks
Veritone’s AI-powered redaction software enables a primary state law enforcement agency to streamline processes and address ever-increasing FOIA requests
“There are certain tactics that officers use that we don’t necessarily want everyone, specifically criminals, to know about,” Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said
The Chula Vista PD was taken to court after it withheld all drone footage under a California Public Record Act exemption that allows investigative material to remain confidential
The case evolved from a records request that was rejected on the grounds that unsubstantiated discipline records could be withheld to protect officers’ privacy
Outsource the redaction of BWC video for fast, thorough and secure processing
Department has launched a dedicated YouTube page for the release of body camera videos to the public in a bid for transparency
Video or audio recorded from any device used by a cop — such as one attached to a car, boat or aircraft — would be exempt from state’s open records law
Although the LAPD’s policy has yet to be finalized, Chief Charlie Beck said the department doesn’t intend, in general, to release the recordings
With police videos increasingly becoming subject to public disclosure, Seattle police are anxious to develop a fast — and inexpensive — way to go through a growing mountain of material and redact sensitive images
Person filed a public records request for all available footage, a task one PD says will take years to complete
Citizen complaints about Chicago police and the related investigative files are public records and must be turned over by the city