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Not only does playing the bagpipes relieve stress, it can also bring a much needed sense of purpose
Law enforcement leadership calls for strong, passionate and courageous individuals to protect the public while also standing up for their troops
These laws will cause every law enforcement and corrections agency and all its officers to reconsider the way they go about their jobs
One suspect was detained immediately, while the other fled from officers before being found and arrested in a parking lot
The new contract raises starting pay for Seattle Police Department officers from $83,000 to $103,000, with a raise after six months up to $110,000
As officer departures outpace recruitment, the bill aims to streamline the application process and reduce turnaround times to attract more candidates
Officers believed the suspect to be armed based on witness reports and knew that the suspect had severely beaten the child’s mother
After two failed carjacking attempts, the trio robbed a couple at gun point and fled from Seattle Police Department officers in a vehicle reported stolen
Two officers and a police trainee were taking a break when a “priority one” call came in; the police trainee recalled that he was trying to prove himself and said he was “always ... ready to go” but that his training officer “didn’t move hastily”
After officers stopped the vehicle with a PIT maneuver, several cruisers boxed in the vehicle, leading to an arrest
Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell condemned the decision, saying the policy violations were clear and the discipline commensurate with the seriousness of the incident
Officers will not be allowed to broadcast ruses over radio or social media, and will not be able to use them by “shocking the conscience”
“There’s hornets everywhere,” an officer can be heard saying on the video with the wasps visibly crawling on his uniform and skin
The law makes public possession a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail for the first two offenses and up to a year for additional offenses
Public Safety
Transit leaders emphasized that drug use on buses and trains reflects a nationwide crisis
Hostage negotiators spoke on the phone with the knife-wielding man for two hours; SWAT members then broke into the building and rescued two women
The judge freed the department from federal oversight in a move he called “the end of the beginning” of Seattle police reform
When officers asked the suspect to exit the homeowner’s vehicle, he began to drink gasoline out of a gas can
A now-retired Seattle police lieutenant wrote a 15-page resignation letter that promised an “unfiltered, raw and unapologetic” description of why she decided to retire
Last year, SPD Chief Diaz announced officers would not march in the parade at all, publishing a letter expressing frustration with Seattle Pride’s decision
Richard Rotter, 51, apologized during his sentencing for killing officer Dan Rocha, 41, in a Starbucks parking lot in Everett
PD has reached compliance with requirements, such as model use-of-force policies and strong community participation
The King County deputy was hit by a bullet that missed his vest and hit him in the upper torso
Nearly 80% of respondents in the election season poll stated they lack confidence in the current council’s approach to improving public safety
The survey and the later discussions about the results have helped police identify specific problems and improve the way they respond to issues
The “Before the Badge” program explores how people’s experiences can influence how they react when a cop knocks on their door
It is the first increase in the Seattle Police Department’s budget since the City Council began reducing funding in 2020
Chief Adrian Diaz and Mayor Harrell have already undertaken plans to tackle high-crime areas through hot-spot policing and recruiting
Mayor Bruce Harrell aims to hire 500 new cops in the next five years to combat a “crisis level” staffing shortage