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More than the use of a spotlight, what the officer didn’t do weighed against creating a detention
The best practice: Avoid a custodial arrest for misdemeanors not committed in the officer’s presence
It is proper for an officer to conduct a cursory inspection of adjoining spaces without probable cause or reasonable suspicion
Assessing the totality of the circumstances, a court holds the plain view exception applied and the officers’ search of a vehicle was lawful
“Nothing good can come from a gun loaded with more than two dozen rounds of ammunition,” officials said
Over the weekend, officers seized 1.57 million fentanyl pills, 114 pounds of cocaine, 13 pounds of heroin and 2 pounds of fentanyl powder
The incident was part of Operation Lone Star, a program implemented in Texas to combat drug and human trafficking
“Operation Flying Ice” led to the seizure of over $12.8 million in drugs, including 268 pounds of methamphetamine and 31 pounds of cocaine
Fentanyl-related overdose deaths have increased 2,375% in San Diego since 2016
Court holds requesting personal identification in a public location, without threats, overt coercion, or a display of force, was a seizure requiring reasonable suspicion
A protester arrested in 2020 claimed that a lengthy, warrantless seizure of her cellphone violated her Fourth Amendment rights