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More than 3,000 applicants for next year’s entrance exam were between 29 years old, the previous maximum age, and 34 years old
Paterson PD has seen a 57% reduction in murders and a 32% decline in shootings; robbery, rape and aggravated assault numbers are similarly down, officials say
Strategies include increasing and reallocating state police staff to local drug enforcement teams and intercepting fentanyl using drug dogs and detectives
“Three of the four were basically destroyed by the fire. He shot at all of them and it’s a good chance all of them were hit,” Lt. Giannunzio said
Gov. Kathy Hochul answered Mayor Eric Adams’ plea for help by offering to send state police reinforcements
While chaos reigned in the US Capitol, police evacuated state lawmakers in Georgia, New Mexico, Texas and Utah
Gov. Greg Abbott has been critical of recent Austin City Council cuts to the agency’s budget