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On-demand webinar: What cops want in 2022

How supported do officers and deputies feel by their first-line supervisors, chiefs and sheriffs? Experts discuss key findings from Police1’s State of the Industry survey

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Police Van on a Crime Scene

Stock photo of a police vehicle stopped in a city street at a crime scene with spectators.

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While 2020 brought unprecedented change and uncertainty for law enforcement agencies, 2021 continued to offer challenges, especially in the areas of officer safety and law enforcement staffing.

Strong police leadership has never been more important to maintain officer morale, improve retention and prioritize safety. But how supported do officers and deputies feel by their first-line supervisors, chiefs and sheriffs? That is the focus of Police1’s second annual State of the Industry Survey. More than 2,300 LEOs responded from agencies large and small serving urban, suburban and rural areas.

During this webinar, sponsored by Utility, our panel discusses key findings of the survey, including:

  • The support police officers need to perform at their peak
  • Why not every cop should be a recruiter
  • Immediate steps law enforcement leaders can take to improve officer morale
  • The tools, training and services patrol officers say will improve their safety and wellness



L-R: Bob Harrison, Janay Gasparini and Barry Reynolds

Bob Harrison is a retired police chief who is an adjunct researcher with the non-profit, non-partisan RAND Corporation. He is also a course manager for the CA POST Command College. Bob consults with police agencies in California and beyond on strategy, leadership and innovation. He holds a Postgraduate Degree in Business Strategy & Innovation from the University of Oxford, and master’s degrees from two U.S. universities.

Janay Gasparini, Ph.D., is a proud former police officer who served as a police instructor, FTO and crime scene technician. Gasparini has taught collegiate criminal justice courses since 2009. She is currently an assistant professor of criminal justice at the State University of New York - Ulster, and the coordinator for Police Basic Training at the Ulster County Law Enforcement Training Group.

Barry Reynolds is the director of The Center for Excellence in Public Safety Leadership and an associate professor of criminal justice at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. Barry has over 35 years of professional experience, including 31 years as a law enforcement officer and supervisor. Barry also served with the Wisconsin Department of Justice as a senior training officer in the Training and Standards Bureau.