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18 on 2018: Expert predictions on the top police issues in 2018

A look ahead at the challenges for law enforcement in 2018


PoliceOne’s 19 on 2019: Expert predictions on the top police issues in 2019 is now available. Read about the critical issues and trends facing law enforcement in our new slideshow, which you are welcome to download, print, or share on your social networks.


By Police1 Staff

While the end of the year is when we reflect on events impacting law enforcement during the previous 12 months, it is also a time to look ahead at the challenges that face policing in 2018.

We asked 18 law enforcement experts to share their predictions of the biggest issues police will face in 2018, and reveal their top tips for how to navigate the path ahead. Add your predictions in the comments below.

Police and city leaders are working to outsource “minor” calls to free up officers’ schedules, as well as creating new wellness programs for them
Retirement should be one of the best times of your life, but a good retirement means planning ahead
Whether training marksmanship, decision-making, or de-escalation skills, simulators can help instructors provide objective feedback on officer performance
Please indicate the scenarios where a vehicle pursuit is deemed permissible by selecting the appropriate options below