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How the discipline of karate saved a cop from himself
Parents, schools and law enforcement must work together to prevent young lives from being needlessly taken
Thieves stole pallets of beer using forklifts, recruiting others into the scheme via social media, according to a West Haven Police Department warrant
“Yea, because I thought somebody was on the wrong side of the (expletive) road, bro,” the driver said after the deputy asked if he was the one who called 911
“The goal of lowering the BAC is to hopefully make people think twice about driving when they’ve been drinking at all,” Sgt. Wes Rasmussen said
It will now be a violation for an officer to have a blood-alcohol level of 0.04% or higher while armed
The department will monitor an officer’s progress and ensure they spend the full month in a rehabilitation program
The officer was reportedly impaired on duty during a search for a kidnapped baby last week
“No one wants anyone using a firearm while impaired. A more specific policy — the time may have come for that,” the commission president said
What first responders need to know about asking for help, getting into treatment, and returning to work
The bill that would allow 20-year-olds to drink alcohol in private settings while still prohibiting them from buying it or consuming it in public until age 21
There was so much alcohol at the house that the ambient air inside the home registered a .01 on a department-issued breathalyzer
Depression in policing is real and more common than any statistic might show because most of us won’t admit it
Wyndham PD posted an anti-public drinking PSA to their Twitter account
The operations includes targeting businesses that overserve alcohol to patrons and people underage
The list will have ‘certain clientele’ whom police and fire departments see regularly
There are those among us who have admitted to themselves that they can’t have a drink – it is our responsibility to help them, not make it harder for them
Told police he drank a pint before driving to the station
The newest DRE device from Ocular Data Systems is on display at IACP 2014