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From the anti-government movement to homegrown violent extremists, law enforcement faces both domestic and foreign-sourced challenges
Anarchists rationalize and justify their behavior by capitalizing on peaceful movements
Three legal principles everyone in law enforcement should know and understand
Solid planning, sufficient personnel and resources, mutual aid and a willingness to act were all key to ensuring a peaceful event
Police seized metal poles, bear spray and other weapons and closed bridges and streets to try to keep the rival groups apart. They were largely successful
Portland police are mobilizing to prevent clashes between out-of-state far-right groups and the homegrown anti-fascists who oppose them at a rally planned for Saturday
Following violent protests, the chief of police in Portland suggested that the city ban the wearing of masks during protests
Supporters of an August 17 gathering have spoken openly on the internet about bringing weapons to Portland and desires to “exterminate” antifa members
The resolution, sponsored by Republicans Ted Cruz of Texas and Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, comes on the heels of a recent clash between competing demonstrators in downtown Portland
The mayor also pushed back against the police union president, saying his recent criticism “crossed a line”
Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said Wednesday the city, police and community need to take a different approach for violent protesters