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Make your community safer with the personnel, resources, knowledge and assets of your federal partners
A veteran officer breaks down the rigorous process to land the job — do you have what it takes?
When the final chapter on Fast and Furious is eventually written, Special Agent John Dodson of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms will be one of the story’s (very few) heroes
In a recent CBS interview, Steven Dettelbach said there is “no one solution” to ending gun violence in the U.S.
A 28-year-old Chicago man is accused of shooting and wounding three law enforcement officers
ATF and BJA awarded grants to seven local government entities to enhance forensics ballistics under the national Crime Gun Intelligence Center initiative
State and local agencies will receive ballistic imaging equipment used by the ATF
400 guns were stolen Sunday from a United Parcel Service facility in Memphis
The ATF agent, whose name hasn’t been released, is expected to make a full recovery
Police said an ATF agent was shot several times during an undercover operation in which a suspect was killed
Agent Paul “Scott” Ragsdale’s career with ATF covered more than 16 years
The ATF agent, whose name hasn’t been released, is expected to make a full recovery
Ernesto Godinez is charged in the shooting of an ATF agent, who was shot in the face
Chicago police have deployed several hundred officers to hunt for a gunman who shot an ATF agent in the face
According to a 2013 Office of the Inspector General report, only about 58 percent of firearms dealers were inspected within five years
Multiple ATF agents responded early Wednesday
Shootout erupted among rival biker gangs at a Central Texas restaurant, sending patrons and bystanders fleeing for safety
B. Todd Jones’ resignation is effective March 31
Under the auspice of the ATF’s Lubbock bureau, MPD and three other regional PDs received training on proper disposal for the court-ordered destruction
Agency received more than 80,000 public comments on the proposal to outlaw some types of 5.56 mm rounds, or .223 caliber
47-year-old William Sheldon Jr. died March 2 from cancer he developed from exposure to debris at Ground Zero
Obama administration considering ban on type of ammo used in AR-15-style rifles because the bullets can pierce a cop’s armor when fired from a handgun
19-year-old Jessica Chambers was doused with a flammable liquid and set on fire Saturday
In Southern California, at least 100 people have shown up for the job. When they did, they were swarmed by federal agents
Woman was rescued with the help of a GPS device that had been installed on the suspect’s car by the dealer in case the vehicle needed to be repossessed
An outspoken member of the American Patriots, a group of armed citizens patrolling the U.S.-Texas border near Brownsville, was arrested Monday
After the agent entered the parked vehicle and inspected the drugs, the suspects brandished an AK-47 and a pistol