Goat helps make arrest by chasing suspect, Va. cops say

You could say this good Samaritan was the greatest of all time

By Suzie Ziegler 

HENRY COUNTY, Va. — Citizens have a long history of helping cops make arrests in their time of need. But few are goats. Well, that’s exactly what happened last week when a goat ran down a fleeing suspect, says the Henry County Sheriff’s Office

It all began when Deputy David Parnell was called to investigate a domestic assault on February 13, the Martinsville Bulletin reported. As Parnell was telling the suspect he was under arrest, the man took off running. That’s when something miraculous happened. 

According to the sheriff’s office, “a goat from the property joined Parnell” in the pursuit. 

“When Deputy Parnell and the goat reached the next fence line of the field, the goat continued through the fence in front of Deputy Parnell and entered a wooded area.” 

The goat continued to chase the suspect, flushing him out of the woods and into custody, according to police. Afterward, the sheriff’s office posted a picture thanking the goat for its efforts. The friendly farm animal was then returned to its owner, the report said. 

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