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Cloud Storage

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From improving communication to making that communication more informed, cloud technology can make policing speedier and more accurate
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How cloud, robotics, & AI are accelerating government productivity
Innovative new feature for AirLink Management Service (ALMS) merges the benefits of cloud technology with on-premise infrastructure for ultimate security and control of AirLink routers
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Artificial intelligence is changing the way police write reports
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How cloud computing and mobility have become an extension of the officer’s duty belt
Studying and sharing non-sensitive information can provide valuable insights and build trust in the community
Efficiencies from cloud computing free officers to do more substantive police work
The AWS GovCloud (US) is designed to address specific CJIS Security Policy Areas and provides implementation guidance and support
Through the Data-Driven Justice Initiative, officials can compare information on arrests and healthcare to reduce costs and better manage super users of public services
With the growth of smart devices, internet-connected homes, cryptocurrency, cheap drones and smart cars, the volume of digital evidence will continue to increase
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