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Larimer County Rangers patrol the parks and serve their Colorado communities despite sub-zero temperatures
If you’re ready to change jobs, make sure the place you’re moving to is really better
Thanks to Deputy Elijah Roman of the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado for this dramatic shot
Statistics provided by Golden PD show that among all 15,362 calls handled by police in the last half of 2023, including for non-emergency runs, response times dropped every month compared to 2022
Police Recruitment
The Golden Police Department launched the four-day week program in order to recruit and retain more officers; it has helped with productivity, response times and morale
While the suspect was on the ground during the arrest, he bit off part of the officer’s left ring finger; the suspect then spit it out
The city will also be increasing patrols to the highest levels since 2018, even with decreased staff
Boulder Police Department officers shot the dog as it ran toward them after repeatedly going after its owner
Brandon Ramos fired shots at a suspect carrying a gun, but also struck six people in the crowd behind him
“The impact [Alexis Hein-Nutz] had on this community stretched past being a cop,” a fellow officer stated. “She was a public servant. The community was robbed”
“It may not be the best idea to have an Uber pick you up AT the crime scene,” police advised