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Chicago police: ‘Hostile crowd’ interrupts LEOs rendering aid in shooting

Police were responding to a shooting that left one person dead and four others injured


By Police1 Staff

CHICAGO — A crowd interfered with officers in Chicago who were rendering aid after a shooting incident left one person dead and four others injured, police say.

CNN reports officers responded to the incident Tuesday and began to provide first aid to the victims when they were met with a “hostile crowd.”

“Officers immediately attempted to perform lifesaving measures on those that were shot, and they were met by a hostile crowd,” Police Commander Don Jerome told CNN. “Members from the community and gang members from this crowd were actively fighting the police while they were trying to attend to the victims.”

CBS reports two men are facing charges for the confrontation with police. Both men have felony convictions and are members of rival gangs, police say. The shooting is believed to be gang related.

Police say one of the arrestees, Mario Sanders, 20, shoved an officer and punched another one in the face.

Officers were forced to call for backup to restore order. Police are currently searching for the suspects in the shooting.