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Duty Gear

Uncover what Police1 readers recommend to enhance readiness, safety and efficiency for female police officers
Discover the gear readers swear by — from gadgets to indispensable personal items
As much fun as ballistic therapy was for me at the range, I was shocked and surprised how many other fantastic products were on display
The Interceptor features a 750-1,000-watt heavy duty mid-drive motor powered by a 48-volt 21Ah Panasonic battery pack. The nine speed Shimano drive train is paired with a throttle and five levels of pedal assist
Check out the GOSAFE Mobile Safe and GOSAFE Mobile Mag at this year’s SHOT SHOW in Las Vegas
NIJ has released an updated body armor standard to keep up with evolving weapons, improve female officer safety.
There are some incredible products available to make your favorite law enforcement officer’s work life a lot easier and more comfortable
Inspired by a simple care package for a deployed Marine, Aaron Negherbon has created a lifeline for under-resourced police departments
It does no good for a cop to be on scene standing around waiting for folks with the better training and equipment to arrive
There’s nothing wrong with spoiling yourself occasionally when funds permit
Amazon offers discounts on many items that can make your police day a little easier
There’s a way for LEOs to keep their sidearm secure and accessible only to themselves – even when separated from their duty pistol or backup sidearm
When it comes to police duty gear, embrace the motto: “Buy once, cry once!”
Here are more product reviews as I continue my journey around the more than 13 miles of exhibits at SHOT Show
It appears we are reaching a pinnacle in metallurgy where the steelmakers are so good at what they do that there is little room for improvement
My top 3 choices for lights at this year’s SHOT Show are a gun light, a headlamp and a terrific backup to a duty light
Checking out Snakestaff Systems’ keychain-sized tourniquet, a better than ever Fisher Space Pen, the RIA 5.0 USA-made 9mm and Bryna’s shoulder-launched less lethal system
Before you let those lateral transfer dollars burn a hole in your pocket, consider how to best invest in your financial security, on-duty safety or well-being
The price point for this product is within the range you would expect to pay for a standard duty holster – the quality and thoughtful design are above and beyond
The police agency will transition from its current Sig Sauer P320 pistol to a Glock model in 2023
Less-lethal munitions can be minutes away from a critical scene, but this alternative is readily available to deploy within seconds
During any period of widespread protests, it is important to prep both your equipment and your family in case you are deployed to assist with crowd control
Officers can use a new, sticky spray to subdue suspects safely in more situations, without affecting themselves or bystanders
Good traction with a heavy-duty outsole can make a boot hot to wear – the folks at 5.11 have a solution
Long-standing “Made in the USA” companies like Mag Instruments and Spyderco are only getting better, and they have the gear to prove it
Grey Man Tactical’s products help turn piles of gear into organized gear
Founded by law enforcement officers, Militaur offers products designed to directly address problems cops face every day
From holsters to mounting tools, plus the all-important training, here’s a wish list of everything you need to equip your firearm with red dot sights