National 911 program releases 2019 data

The report looks at trends and information from 911 emergency services at the state level across the country

By Suzie Ziegler 

WASHINGTON — The National 911 program released data Monday about the use of emergency 911 services in 2019. The report provides holistic data available about 911 systems at the state level, according to a release

The report is intended to capture trends and information that can help state 911 leaders, legislators and policymakers make informed decisions about 911 services, officials said in the release. 

Some highlights from the report include: 

  • Of reporting states, 69% said they have adopted a statewide NG911 plan. Statewide adoption of NG911 plans has increased from 20 states to 33 over the past five years 

  • Thirty-seven states reported having a total of 2,472 PSAPs that provide EMD 

  • About 74% of reported primary PSAPs have between one and five 911 equipment positions


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