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The FirstNet topic features news about the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) and analysis of its impact on law enforcement and public safety communications. Authorized by Congress in 2012, FirstNet has built and now operates the nationwide, broadband network that equips first responders to save lives and protect U.S. communities. Find out how to implement FirstNet in your agency, how FirstNet bolsters first responder communications during special events, read case studies from law enforcement agencies improving their applications of technology through FirstNet, and see if you are a FirstNet expert.

The FirstNet Health and Wellness Coalition leads efforts to enhance first responder mental wellness through comprehensive strategies and policy changes
Ways FirstNet is bringing innovation into the field to strengthen situational awareness and incident response
Learn how balanced usability, access and security enable first responders to do their jobs more effectively wherever they are
“To have this develop -- and it wasn’t just five- or 10-minute outage, as a corrected minor problem -- it was for several hours that AT&T was not working,” one sheriff said. “And that just can’t be done”
Data collected will help assess emergency communications capabilities and needs of federal, state, local, tribal and territorial governments
The new iPhone 13 Pro Max cellphones will allow officers to work on their phones instead of at the station
The communications platform for first responders went live in 2017 and currently has three million users nationwide
Mission critical communications networks and Wireless WAN work in concert to enable first responders to make informed decisions and act quickly
A West Virginia county takes a whole-community approach to implementing broadband
100+ portable assets, including communications vehicles and micro SatCOLTs, will be on hand to support first responders during wildfire and hurricane season
As part of the “ROG the Dog” animal-assisted therapy initiative, 30+ dogs will be stationed across the country to deploy following emergencies
Find out how 5G enables public safety agencies to respond faster with real-time information that keeps first responders and their communities safer
Agencies can now purchase their own deployable network assets for use when communications are temporarily unavailable
Connect your agency’s rugged mobile computing tools to the FirstNet public safety wireless network for fast, reliable, dedicated broadband coverage across the country
The agreement is valued at about $92 million, the largest commitment so far to FirstNet by a law enforcement agency
If you think rugged hardware with top-notch processing power is out of reach for your agency, here’s a handful of reasons to think again
The inaugural National Faith & Blue Weekend is set to take place October 9 to 11
Transitioning in-house public safety employees to working remotely while using apps to communicate and track supplies is a challenge for any agency
Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best identifies how departments can keep an open line of communication with officers as they respond to the pandemic
New Jersey State Police Colonel Patrick J. Callahan discusses how the state’s troopers and officers are keeping a social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic
The businesses that equip and serve first responders are supporting the national emergency response with new products, free services and donations
The Lab tests devices and applications before they are deployed in the field
Although smartphones are clearly introducing new operational capabilities, there are other relevant technologies emerging that will further this trend
Here’s what procurement officers need to keep in mind to ensure their department gets optimal FirstNet connectivity and capability
You’re in the middle of over a million other people at the Super Bowl and need to make an urgent phone call to your CO. Will you be able to? With FirstNet you can
Mobile technology has become a force multiplier for public safety, improving overall situational awareness and the effective use of limited resources
San Jose’s emergency action plan calls for deploying FirstNet to both first responders and other city agencies like transportation and public works