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Founded by law enforcement officers, Militaur offers products designed to directly address problems cops face every day
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While you can’t become completely invisible online, you should strive to become a challenging target; here’s why taking these steps is a worthwhile investment
A detective and a doctor explain why Presidia Gel and Reflex Remove close the gap when it comes to self-defense and why they both carry it on the job
Interactions with suspects can go from calm to violent within seconds, and officers need multiple tools to respond to varying levels of non-compliance
Reflex Protect Presidia Gel doesn’t spread once sprayed, and its effects can be easily reversed once compliance is achieved for quicker relief to the suspect and a quicker return to duty for the officer
With eSOPH, Corona PD can collect applicant information and reference responses in days, not weeks, to fill open positions in less than half the time it takes with paper-based processes
The social media search and other features of eSOPH make it faster and easier for Boulder PD background investigators to create an extensive profile for each candidate
A legal service plan can protect you and your family in the event of the unexpected
Unlike most agencies, Summerville PD in South Carolina has few problems in finding and hiring top-quality candidates to the force. Here are some of the reasons Summerville PD is competing favorably for talent.
For one former LE veteran, owning a business was nothing more than a pipe dream; here’s how Signal 88 Security made it a reality for Roger Estrada
A new cooling fabric developed by a cop for cops is designed to keep odor and overheating at bay
Guardian Tracking software highlights positive reinforcement to encourage good officers to stay
Officers across the country are inventing products that solve everyday challenges in policing
Training tracking software can help ensure proper officer training
The body camera is activated by what the company calls a “mistake-free” slide panel that uncovers the camera’s lens and turns it on
Kids can express their individuality while parents can take one step further to protect them at school