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GPS Tracking

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3 ways law enforcement agencies can manage high-risk vehicle events and rebuild trust with the community
See how this officer safety tracking app provides secure command and control while keeping responders safe in a critical incident.
The state is introducing anti-stalking legislation after reports of people using AirTags as tracking devices
Police used “dummy parcels” at three different locations to find thieves who were stealing entire contents from mailboxes
The sheriff’s office says a suspect once joked about putting a tracker on a deputy’s truck
Mooresville Police used StarChase GPS technology to track and stop the vehicle
Mooresville police are the first in the state to use StarChase technology, according to Chief Ron Campurciani
Investigators first thought the car was being driven along a highway, but then realized it was on board a tractor trailer with other stolen cars
The 18-year-old allegedly stole a Jeep, engaging deputies in a brief pursuit
Two stories show how stolen vehicle assistance technology puts the brakes on pursuits
Download this free eBook to learn steps your department can be taking now to promote safer outcomes for police officers, suspects and citizens alike
The app can warn first responders of hazards along routes as well as leverage additional data to allow greater flexibility in timely situations
A Calif. police force outfitted half of its fleet of cruisers with a technology that allows officers to track suspects’ vehicles without tailing them at 100 mph
The AppTrac-365 tracking app operates on all devices and provides agencies with real-time situational awareness for informed decision-making
The technology shoots a tracking device on a suspect vehicle, often before the pursuit begins, which helps officers avoid dangerous chases through city streets
Voyager Atlas adds breadth, context and accessibility to location tracking
Over the past five years, police pursuits involving a Missouri PD have resulted in payouts totaling $1.1 million
Police said they purchased the GPS devices in hopes of reducing the number of pursuits
Police were able to catch two suspects who held up a Walgreens in Nebraska thanks to the GPS device in the pill bottle
Police received a tip that John Davis was involved in a burglary and his ankle monitor confirmed his location
Register for a free program that provides LE agencies with tools and resources to help those who may wander due to Alzheimer’s, autism
The 2014 calendar brought us five significant cases which impact officers’ understanding of Fourth Amendment limits, both in its extension and restrictions