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It seems like every week we hear of a squad car being stolen somewhere in the U.S. Follow these steps to make sure it doesn’t happen to your cruiser
A court rules that an officer was justified in handcuffing a subject during a detector dog sniff
A recent incident where a prisoner slipped her cuffs and shot an AR-15 from inside a cruiser is a critical reminder of some basic safety tactics for LEOs
Police responded to a traffic accident and found a passenger in handcuffs, which pointed them to a security guard who was later found to be impersonating an officer
“Handcuffing is now required to be reported as a use-of-force, so that has increased astronomically,” MPD PIO Garrett Parten said
“She was able to figure out how to put a round in it, put it on fire and she fired approximately 10 rounds at our deputies and a civilian,” police said
The suspect managed to climb through the center partition of the cruiser’s cage and take off, police said
Will the alleged handcuff injury be ruled excessive force? The court of appeals remanded the case to the trial court to find out
Accessed too early, the hand holding the handcuffs is useless until the arrestee is in a position of control
Video shows someone opening the unlocked back door of the SUV
How to master the art of speedy handcuff application and removal
A manhunt for the suspected shooter continued Monday
Authorities said it’s not clear how the woman managed to get out of her handcuffs and grab a gun
The suspect managed to get away from his escorting officer and leap into the bay, officials said
Vigilance at every step helps officers avoid complacency and ward off prisoner escapes or assaults
Documenting proper application of handcuffs, double-locking and checking for proper fit are some of the easiest risk management steps in policing
The family alleged that Trooper Anthony Piercy, the state and the Missouri Highway Patrol were liable for Brandon’s death in the Lake of the Ozarks
Authorities say man managed to get his cuffed hands from behind him to the front and shoot the officer
Suspect squeezed through a partition into the driver’s seat then sped away, eventually flipping the vehicle
Documents shed new light on the encounter Saturday morning that took the life of Officer Daryle Holloway
Suspect had a concealed handgun that he fired at authorities
Suspect somehow got his hands in front of him and when two officers returned to the vehicle, he started shooting at them
Three-day course is aimed at discouraging verbal abuse and needless physical force
The suspect managed to get his handcuffs in front of him and drive away
Cell phone video captured a suspect’s attempted escape from police Wednesday during the South by Southwest Festival
Suspect was handcuffed and put in the front seat of a CHP SUV when the incident occurred
Grand jury concluded Wednesday that the suspect was armed with a handgun that police missed while patting him down