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I tried several new Alien Gear Holsters products during my shift – here’s how it went
Here are more product reviews as I continue my journey around the more than 13 miles of exhibits at SHOT Show
The reinforced area around the trigger guard combined with an almost complete elimination of exterior flex makes this product more secure than anything I have seen for a duty holster
The Multi-Holster Adapter will work with a wide range of Alien Gear Holsters products and accessories
Drop-leg system enhances mobility and customization for law enforcement, military, and EDC individuals
Take a quick trip with us to view some of the newest firearms, gear and gadgets that will be on display at SHOT Show
The price point for this product is within the range you would expect to pay for a standard duty holster – the quality and thoughtful design are above and beyond
An efficient draw focused on repeatable economy of motion can do much more than improve your weapon-handling skills, it could save your life
The department is now reviewing if it needs to stop using that style of holster
There’s a short list of companies who specialize in quality leather gear for law enforcement – among the most popular is Aker International