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Illinois is not alone in looking at this as one solution to the police recruitment crisis
After a lightning storm rolls through the area, an officer captures the calm that followed
Julie Parker speaks with Deputy Chief Chris Covelli of the Lake County (Ill.) Sheriff’s Office about the media response to the shooting that left 7 dead and 30 wounded
“When we speculate, when we add our personal opinions, then those penalties become punitive and unfair ... to the officers,” Superintendent Larry Snelling said
“It is no reflection on the great work our police officers were doing in schools...” Superintendent Larry Snelling said. “CPD is going to continue to do what we’ve always done: Protect our children, protect the streets”
The $1.4 million center can get real-time intelligence and even video footage during crisis situations through Aurora’s Critical Incident Intelligence Center
While officers were detaining the car’s driver, a passenger jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off, hitting two officers
Chicago Public Schools is seeking to remove the requirement that part-time security candidates “must have the legal authority to effectuate an arrest”
Aldermen are considering raising the mandatory retirement age from 63 to 65; the officer deployment study is required by the department’s consent decree
The bill would prevent officers from pulling over motorists for reasons such as driving with an expired registration sticker, various equipment failures and driving without a seat belt
“K-9 Nyx is family and we are truly thankful for her service to the Rockford Police Department,” Chief Carla Redd stated
Defense attorneys had asked that officers who attend the trial of Officer Ella French’s suspected killer not wear their uniforms, citing concerns that a “sea of blue” might intimidate the jury
The decision rejected claims by a group of police officers and firefighters that the move would violate the state constitution’s guarantee that benefits “shall not be diminished or impaired”
“I think six years is more than reasonable and, to be frank Mr. Rogers, six years is a miracle in this situation,” the judge stated
Appellate courts have split on the issue since marijuana possession was legalized in 2020
“I’ve deemed it from my understanding of case law as unlawful or valid on its face,” Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Bullard stated. “My office will not be taking any action on this”
Champaign Police Department Officer Chris Oberheim was killed in 2021; other officers shot and killed the shooter during the incident
The Macon County sheriff praised the deputies involved for their fast reactions when they realized what was happening as the suspect fled the store, accompanied by a child
“Sometimes, you have to take the emotion out of it and think about what’s best financially and viability-wise,” a Hampton board member said
The teen was safely reunited with her mother, but that outcome required quick coordination between at least six law enforcement agencies in two states within 27 hours
“The days of handing a recruit a badge, a gun and then going on some training runs are over,” Jacksonville PD Chief Adam Mefford said
The officer was conducting a traffic stop at the time; neither the police officer nor K-9 Hawk was injured
The policy defines hate groups as organizations that use force for denying rights, promoting ideological goals or advocating illegal systemic prejudice
The department is in the process of searching for “host families” to keep cat deputies across the city
The incident, which occurred last month, began after officers attempted to question the woman regarding a report about a person seen with a gun in a neighborhood
The two detectives said they had to work around the clock following the incident and even had to miss officer Aréanah Preston’s funeral
“We have not turned them away,” Larry Snelling said. “But what we need are other people to step up in these situations because the burden has been on the police department to house people”
“I will take every resource out of the academy … I will not allow another potential probationary police officer to be part of this academy,” a Bloomingdale PD official said
“I think we can police proactively and have our community members understand what we’re doing,” Superintendent Larry Snelling said