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House Bill 562 allows 48 hours of time off post-critical incident, but issues of messaging and pay are vital to ensuring peace officer support
New legislation in Kentucky now requires the average turnaround time for sexual assault kit results be 60 days
A Lexington police detective testified that the men involved in the shooting had exchanged multiple Snapchat messages about the undercover car Detective Nicholas Music was using to conduct surveillance
During a firearms training session, the instructor fired a weapon he did not realize was loaded, hitting a recruit’s ballistic vest; he then discussed covering up the incident
“This is an enormous step forward in our ability to respond to mental health emergencies,” Mayor Linda Gorton said. “It will make it possible for us to provide the most appropriate response to an individual in crisis and connect them to the best resource”
“With this initiative, we understand that to drive action, we’ve got to do something a little bit different, and that’s where this initiative is going to do something a little bit different,” said David Ashford, chair of Bluegrass Crime Stoppers
Jeff Rhinerson will support court security officers in upholding the safety and integrity of the Judicial Center in his role as a court security assistant
Brett Hankinson fired ten shots the night of the raid, but did not hit anyone; the other officers involved in the raid were not criminally charged
Connor Sturgeon wrote that it was “so easy” to purchase a firearm, but didn’t have a firm grasp on how to use it, according to investigators
Louisville Metro PD Assistant Chief Paul Humphrey defended the officer’s split-second decision
Brett Hankison’s attorney said Hankison was acting quickly to help his fellow officers, who he believed were being “executed” by a gunman shooting from inside Taylor’s apartment
“You’re acting to save lives, or not acting and people are going to die,” Brett Hankison said
The suspect took the deputy’s gun during the altercation, but the deputy was able to regain control of his firearm and fire several shots at the man
Officer Haley was immediately struck by gunfire; as Officer Billotto was pulling Haley to safety, the suspects continued to shoot toward the officers
The now-former officer admitted to being intoxicated, placed his hands behind his back and uttered “let’s go,” according to the arrest report
Chief Gwinn-Villaroel said no further investigations or disciplinary measures will be conducted against the officers accused of misconduct in the report
Officers from Louisville Metro Police Department, which is where the boy’s father had served, lined the sidewalks as Riley Cottongim walked into school
The constable was driving “in a reckless manner at a high rate of speed, nearly striking the cruiser of several law enforcement officers,” according to state police
Officer Nickolas Wilt has been hospitalized since April 10 after he was shot in the head by a bank employee; he had been on the job for just 10 days
“I remain focused on my top priorities: addressing violent crime, rebuilding community trust and establishing clear guidelines on how we police,” Louisville Police Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said
The officer’s injuries were described as life-threatening, according to Kentucky State Highway Patrol
As a masked man came toward the driver’s door, Officer Matt Hayden swiftly opened the door and yelled “Police!” before firing at the suspect
Louisville Metro Police Department is training officers to do more before EMS arrives
Two undercover officers were attempting to arrest a separate suspect when the man attempted to carjack one of the officers
Officer Preston was sitting inside his cruiser when a suspect drove the wrong way down a street and raised a rifle, firing a single shot through the window
“He consistently went above and beyond in his service while demonstrating an unwavering sense of integrity and loyalty”
“Officer Nickolas Wilt has shown remarkable progress in his recovery,” the update said; he’s also responding more consistently to “yes” and “no” questions
Deputy Caleb Conley served with the Scott County Sheriff’s Office for four years and served with the U.S. Army for eight years. He left behind a wife and small children