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Long Range Acoustic Devices are being embraced by law enforcement agencies as a powerful and versatile instrument of communication
SWAT teams should keep a watchful eye on the future in order to prepare for the worst
When the public, the press and politicians say police don’t need tanks, these strategies can help you make that critical purchase
Los Angeles Unified School District recently returned three grenade launchers
Would create a task force to determine what sort of equipment is suitable for police and what should be prohibited
Officer was met with gunfire Thursday after the 30-year-old suspect exited the back of the residence and began shooting
Utah’s Salt Lake County, an area that encompasses highly congested urban stretches, rural mountain terrain and everything in between, can now provide rescue and medical assistance in any of those areas
Obama is proposing a three-year, $263M spending package to increase use of body cams, expand police training and add more resources for department reform
The flow of excess tactical gear to local law enforcement came under scrutiny in August following clashes between protesters and police in Ferguson
Allegedly fired seven rounds from a gun described in the complaint as an “AK-47 clone semi-automatic rifle”
MRAP acquired from the military has been the subject of controversy for months after the department accepted it